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Professional dash cam installation near you, wherever you are

Skip the Google search for "dash cam installation near me" because Seattle Dash Cams is near you, wherever you are. Our mobile installation services allow us to provide you with a shop-quality installation right in your garage, driveway, or parking lot, regardless of where you live in our service area. We proudly serve the communities below with mobile dash cam installation services.

What is Mobile Dash Cam Installation?

Our mobile services are identical to those you receive in a shop, except they are more convenient. Each installation includes:

  • Soldering of all connections for maximum security and durability
  • Discreet installation that does not interfere with vehicle safety equipment (airbags, safety systems, etc)
  • All wires are wrapped and adequately secured to prevent rattling
  • Firmware update, recommended settings, and hands-on training with your new dash cam
  • Use of floor mat covers, seat covers, and canopies (as needed) to protect your vehicle during your install

What Qualifies us to Perform Mobile Dash Cam Installation Near You?

In addition to our long, hands-on experience with mobile electronics installations, our technicians have been certified by the Mobile Electronics Certification Professional program. MECP is the only internationally recognized credential that certifies mobile technology installation professionals. We complete our services in accordance with MECP's best practices and guidance. You can learn more about MECP certifications here!

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Whether you're looking for a quote, to book an installation, or something else, you can contact us via the information below. You can also submit our contact form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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